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A Thank You from Joe Nolan!!!

May 30, 2020 - Mountainside, NJ

By Joe Nolan

One more post…Thank You to everyone who donated to the Maureen E Nolan Foundation during the 1st Day of Summer. You all were more than generous. This was the most successful event we have ever held… I also want to say thank you to everyone who helped make this event happen.

First off, my wife Marianne who had to deal with my craziness in the days leading up and the day of the event.

Mark Monterero and his incredible generosity!!!

Sam, Aileen, Becky, Bobby, Steve, and the Billy’s at The Crabs Claw Inn for allowing us to invade the restaurant every year and their great donation!!!

The Captain and O’Neill. The hours that Scott Sim put in to get ready to back Rob Snyder was incredible. The band not only does it for free but brings a check as well from the A.O.H.

Mike Rocket who also donates his talents every year

The incredibly talented Rob Snyder.

Trevor Marden aka Kermit the Wonder Frog who produced my “speech” He did a great job as always.

Butch Seltzer who got the crowd going

Rich Adams helped all day and the night before.

Jim Sosinski for everything he does.

Jayson Roy for his help with Autoland.

Dave Albertson with the sound in the Claw which is a very difficult job which he handled perfectly.

THANK YOU ALL!!!! It is onward and upward from here. Next year, May 27th….

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