Baseball comes to NJIR, sort of!!!

Baseball fans, have you ever wondered how one team from one era would do against a team from another era? It's an argument that has gone on for generations. How would the '61 Yankees do against 1940 Reds, Or the 53 NY Giants and the 1962 SF Giants, well we might have some of those answers starting this Tuesday. Baseball Greats. We have put together a 16 teams tournament involving some of the best teams from the 1920's to 1967, by having these teams play each other using Stat-O-Matic Baseball board game, then, using the score card from the simulated game we do a 40 minute radio re-creation or should we say create a webcast. Each game will sound like the real thing (sort of) with all the sound effects from the ball hitting the bat to umpires to stadium organ music. Beginning Tuesday April 28th with the preseason special, games will air every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm and then will be available in archive on the site.

This was an original idea of WSOU's sports department. Back in the late 70's It and early 80's the games would air on Seton Hall's Radio station 89.5 done by students. Baseball Greats gained popularity during the 1981 baseball work stoppage. A feature was written in the Newark Star Ledger about.

Baseball Greats, every Tuesday and Thursday starting April 28th at 4PM.

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